Best Place To Visit Switzerland

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The country Switzerland is known as the “Paradise on Earth” and for a good reason. The country is known for being invigorating and an intoxicating country. Although the scenic beauty shows the serenity and peace that defines Switzerland of the postcards, this place also has action too. The country is dotted with lush forests, lakes and snow covered Alps. The architectural beauty is a sight for the sore eyes. To visit Switzerland, is to experience heaven on earth.

The country is also known by a Latin name Helvetia and this has been used since the days of the Roman Empire. The Alps were looked upon as an object of fear till the 18th century. When people finally overcame their fear of what lay beyond, that was when the tourism in Switzerland was born. This was when the poets, naturalists and artists saw the artistic potential of Switzerland and were curious to capture it on paper. Some of the historic destinations were Lucerne, Montreux, Laussane, Interlaken were the picturesque towns that introduced or rather encouraged the early tourists to visit Switzerland. Despite the small geographic proportions, the country is full of contradicting and constrasting sceneries. The topography includes lakes and valleys and Alpine peaks. The dominant physical attributes are the Jura Mountains, the Swiss plateaus and the Alps.

Getting to Switzerland or around it, is relatively easier as compared to other countries. There are small airliners or airports that usually carry passengers from all over the world to Switzerland. The roads through the mountains are precarious and unsafe, so to circumvent the accidents, the government has introduced the Swiss Pass which makes it possible to go anywhere by rail, boat or bus.

Switzerland is popular for its cheese, but it is different in every region. The cooking of cheese in each region varies from organic to restaurants to the locals. The country is not overtly known as a wine region but the inhabitants of the country do consume some of the excellent wines available there.

When visiting a foreign country, it is important to follow certain rules and regulations while clearing customs. Similarly when one is to visit Switzerland, there are some rules and guidelines one should remember to keep in mind:

1)Citizens from Western European countries require valid passports or Indentity Cards.

2)Nationals of other countries require just a Passport to visit Switzerland. Visas are not required if one is either a tourist, a patient for treatment or a student. Also, if one is not staying in Switzerland for more than 3 months or are citizens of America, Africa, Far East or Europe.

3)Apart from these exceptions, nationals of other countries require valid passports and visas.

When in Switzerland it is necessary to carry some Swiss Franc for convenience. The hospitality industry of this country is a respectable industry, so people belonging to this industry are paid good wages. But the Swiss Franc is more stable compared to other European currencies, so exchange rates are better.

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